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ZAE – Your Partner for a New Era in Energy

Right now, the energy sector is undergoing fundamental change, which poses a great challenge but also offers great economic opportunity for many businesses. Due to our wide range of services, ZAE can guide your business through this transformation and help to strengthen your competitive position.

    Your goal: Economic success

    Our offer: Innovative solutions in energy technology which will help your business
    to compete in future markets

    The key to success: A combination of brilliant research and excellent
    implementation of results into the economic environment for example, within
    innovation packages


Our Range of Services




    Metrology services

    Courses, seminars, symposia

    Realisation of demonstrators, prototypes and software Management of
    cooperative networks

    Project centre for cooperative research

Furthermore, ZAE can support you in acquiring funds for the financing of projects carried out in cooperation with us.


ZAE inside

Construction products, dishwashers, cars, and complex production lines; SMEs to international corporations turning over more than €100 billion annually: The products of our expertise are as diverse as our customers. However, they all have a common aim: developing first-class solutions for the world of tomorrow.


Our Fields of Expertise

    Thermal energy storage

    Electrochemical energy storage

    Energetic optimisation of buildings and urban districts

    Energy efficient processes


    Solar thermal energy

    Geothermal energy




    Smart Grids

    Energy systems


Due to the target-oriented coordination of competences at our five locations, we are capable of working on interdisciplinary tasks for our national and international customers and realising entire innovation packages ranging from fundamental research to the development of demonstrators and prototypes, following our general principle “excellent energy research – excellent implementation”.


ZAE in Numbers

    5 locations: Würzburg, Erlangen, Nuremberg, Garching, and Hof
    Branch office: Bayerisches Speichertestzentrum in Arzberg
    Number of employees: > 200
    Turnover: > € 15 million p. a.
    Annual turnover growth (CAGR 2009-2014): > 15%
    Projects: about 200 projects carried out for around 250 customers per year
    Turnover of our customers: > € 750 billion p. a.


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How to Find Us

Please contact:

    Bayerisches Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung
    (Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research)

    Dipl.-Geogr. Manuela Stepputtis, M.Sc. 
    Walther-Meißner-Str. 6
    85748 Garching

    Tel.: +49 89 329442-96
    Fax: +49 89 329442-12




About ZAE Bayern

Being one of the leading institutions in the field of applied energy research, the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern) combines excellent research with excellent economic implementation of the results. For this purpose, ZAE offers its partners in business and science a wide variety of services ranging from metrological work to research and development activities up to complete innovation packages.


Annual Report 2016

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20. Symposium on Thermophysical Properties

June 24–29, 2018, Boulder, CO, USA