Organic Photovoltaics

coating of OPV materials

The research in the field of organic photovoltaics at ZAE Bayern distinguishes itself through a high degree of interdisciplinarity and a tight network with companies and research centers. The research laboratories in Würzburg (focus: research of optical and electrical properties of absorber materials and building elements) and Erlangen (focus: technology and material development, defect analyses, cell design and lifespan) provide scientific and technological contributions.The biggest challenges are the development of new materials with efficiencies over 10% and extending the lifetime to more than 10 years.

Under the motto "Future Solar Factory", in the framework of the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN) ZAE Bayern and partners are currently developing a worldwide unique research platform for printed solar cells which are suitable for mass production.

Silicon thin-film PV

Module flasher for current voltage characterization

Solar cells made from thin, crystalline silicon applied on any carrier substrate, have a high potential for cost reduction. This technology combines the high efficiency of the thick-film technique with the cost benefits of the thin-film technology.

For the production of solar cells with these thin Si films, ZAE Bayern has achieved efficiencies of 11.1%.In the middle-term efficiency values from up to 20%are aspired to for these technologies. For this, a continual improvement of the substrate adaptation, the electrode conductivity, the surface passivation and boundary surface passivation as well as the cell design is required. 

A novel production concept (COMBO) was developed especially for thin silicon slices. It allows the production of cells and modules without mechanical losses with high efficiency (17% proven) even on the thinnest wafers. A concept for cell efficiency over 20% is applied for patent.

About ZAE Bayern

Being one of the leading institutions in the field of applied energy research, the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern) combines excellent research with excellent economic implementation of the results. For this purpose, ZAE offers its partners in business and science a wide variety of services ranging from metrological work to research and development activities up to complete innovation packages.


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